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Trails and Tails

Trails & Tales is a cozy collective of creatives who are brilliant at telling stories through their work. From food to design and everything in between, the collective also functions as a platform to connect, to converse and to inspire in the community.

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Daily Filmmaker Studio / The Posse

Rodric is a videographer / photographer and a social media content creator. He specializes in video filming, audio capture, lighting, video editing, sound designing, & directing / producing.

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Daniel Teoh

Daniel is the founder of Native, a social enterprise which supports indigenous communities in Malaysia with building their economic capacity and sharing their stories with the world through sustainable tourism.

In addition to his work with Native, he is also a venture builder with Enviu – a Dutch venture studio that aims to innovate various industries towards more sustainable models. With this, Daniel is working to prove new business concepts in Malaysia that eliminate single use plastic as part of the Zero Waste Living Lab programme.

Tropical Spice Garden

Nestled along the northeastern coast of Penang island in Malaysia, Tropical Spice Garden is where nature meets culture. It’s a bio-diverse living museum of the spices and other tropical plants that have shaped our global history. The five landscaped acres of the garden is a treasure trove of more than 500 living specimens of lush and exotic flora from around the world.

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Native is a social enterprise that co-creates community-based ventures with the Orang Asli people of Peninsular Malaysia. Their mission is to create meaningful livelihoods for indigenous communities while growing their cultural confidence through operating joint business ventures with them that showcase the uniqueness of the Orang Asli.

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