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EWBM  x  Water4Life Project

Location: Long Itam, Sarawak

Community: Remote Penan community

The Issue/ Concern:

Having no access to running water due to being relocated from their nearest river source, members of the community are required to retrieve buckets of water roughly 3km away from their village.

BFM Radio Interview With EWB Malaysia:


How did we help?:

Upon various discussions with the local leaders and setting up site parameters, we have come to an understanding that the villagers were adamant that any proposed solution must not involve the use of pumps. However, the village was located on relatively lower ground as compared to the location of their village. From this understanding, we recommended the use of a Gravity Feed Water System. Working together with lecturers and students from the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus, engineering design was accomplished and funds were acquired. The construction team was dispatched to the village and work began with the watchful eyes of experienced lecturers. And to cater to the demands of unpredictable relocation, the gravity feed water system was designed to be detachable and able to be transported elsewhere. The pharmacy team on the other hand, had managed to complete their healthcare programme with the villagers.