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EWBM  x  YME – Sustainable Development Goals

Location: Celcom Axiata Infinity Centre (CAIC)

Community: Outreach to Young Malaysian Engineers

The Issue/ Concern:

The Young Malaysian Engineers is a global network of Malaysian STEM students working to promote and encourage the interactions between young Malaysian talents. To fulfil that creed, YME organized the Sustainable Development Goals Challenge. It’s aim if to get Malaysian youths to be more actively involved in environment and social problem solving in STEM. YME invited us to be one of the judges and to provide a case study from our experience in clean energy. Participants are needed to solve the problem posed by case study. During the idea discussion phase, participants are given the opportunity to participate in a focus group of their specific case study.   

How did we help?:

With our experience in clean energy, providing micro-hydro solutions to villagers in Sarawak, we provided a case study based on our Water4Power project. Our problem statement is indicated below:

“The villagers of Kg Sapit, Sarawak rely on diesel generators for electricity during the night. They save up the income they have to buy constant supply of diesel for just 2 hours of light every night. With the increase in diesel prices, the villagers are undoubtedly facing problems in rationing diesel to provide light for their children to study at night.”

Participants are expected to act as a non-profit NGO to provide a simple, sustainable solution to solve the villagers electrical power needs. Goals to achieve includes:

  1. Effective cost management
  2. Suitable system design
  3. Clean and affordable energy
  4. Easy Maintenance
  5. Easy Operation

We were allowed to interact with participants in regards to giving advice etc. During the judging session, we gave the most points to the best team able to provide the better insight and understanding to the case study.