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EWBM   x  PKOCM – Hydrotherapy Pool Project

Location: Sitiawan, Perak

Community: Individuals with physical disabilities

The Issue/ Concern:

PKOCM (Persatuan Kebajikan Orang Cacat Manjung) is a centre dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for people with physical disabilities, including children. They practice an open door policy where services are free of charge for anyone with disability regardless of age, race, religion, gender or culture. To expand upon their physiotherapy programme, PKOCM was looking to build a hydrotherapy pool on their facility.

How did we help?:

Upon getting in touch with PKOCM, we wasted no time in starting to organize for this project. We were placed to manage the project and to obtain funds for it. With help from Bechtel Engineering, we have the professional manpower to design and build this unique system.

Based on fundraising activities launched in Nottingham University, we immediately passed on the funds for Bechtel to begin work. During construction, they had to remove the old playground equipment at the proposed site to PKOCM’s backyard. Once completed, they immediately begin efforts to start constructing foundations for the pool. Materials and equipment are sourced locally from hardware shops. Upon completion, the hydrotherapy pool was commissioned. With follow ups, a pump system was introduced to efficiently provide circulation capabilities. Besides that, a heater was installed to give the pool a warm temperature, so that users will not catch any sudden chill.



By maintaining contact with the committee, we ensure the hydrotherapy pool is still working and hopefully to work together again for anymore improvement projects in the future.