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EWBM  x  IEM – Engineering Week Project

Location: One Utama Shopping Mall

Community: Outreach to Institute of Engineers Malaysia, Young Engineers Section

The Issue/ Concern:

The Engineering Week organized by IEM (Institute of Engineers Malaysia) is meant to be an integral part of a corporate social responsibility initiative and to act as a medium to interact, engage and network with other organizations in the the community. The Young Engineers Section invited us to help out with organizing and hosting a few games for their primary school participants. The games are catered to inspire these young individuals to consider engineering as a career choice.   

How did we help?:

This particular project was a fun and carefree one actually. We organized a game of building the tallest spaghetti stick tower and a few fun questionnaires for the young primary students. They came up with a few genuinely creative ideas when constructing the towers. We even took part! And guess who won? Yes, we did, we had the tallest tower. In your face kids! Haha… *cough*… no worries, we did not shamelessly took the prize. We demonstrated how and why they could built higher with a few simple tricks. Reluctantly, the next best team took back the prize.


We were pretty good hosts though. Funny.