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EWBM  x  Global Peace – Kg Padang Project

Location: Kg Padang, Muadzam Shah, Pahang

Community: Jakun community

The Issue/ Concern:

Located within the thick, dense oil palm plantation, Kg Padang is a 24 family big Jakun tribe whose basic income comes from working the oil palm fields. Our partners, Global Peace Foundation had previously visited the village as part of their Communities Unite for Pure Water initiative. They discovered their water source was located far away from the village and depended on walking back and forth with buckets to retrieve water. With this in mind, they had requested our help to install a solution.

How did we help?:

Simplicity being the key, our solution was to build a water pump network to allow water from a well to be delivered to the village, located half a kilometer away (15 minute walk). We had initially came up with various designs to achieve our objective. After much consideration and failures, we ended up with a design that had a pump system to reach a desired high flow rate. The flow rate was calculated with the 3 key factors stipulated below :


  1. The distance the water needed to travel.
  2. The reasonable water output required for day to day use. (Desired flow rate reaching here will determine the amount of time to fill up the tank)
  3. The change in terrain elevation.


We created a bill of material compromising of the HDPE pipe & all the necessary valves, washers, strainers etc. to go along with it. During the installation phase, our vehicle got stuck in soft mud and we tried to use the 4-wheel function but failed! It was the villagers who brought us out from the mud. So much for being well educated engineers, haha.


Global Peace had beforehand collected samples for tests, and had found their water source to be severely contaminated. With a good pump system to transport water to their village, Global Peace introduced the LifeStraw water filters that could help with contamination. It is their believe in providing clean water to uplift the welfare of communities that brought us together.